Monday, July 16, 2007

Just a Minute

Can you spare a dollar?
It's pretty important
Could you spare just one dollar?
It'd end someone's torment.
Could you donate some blood?
Or is that too much to ask?
I guess just a dollar
Can easily last.

Will you give me directions
To London or Rome?
If I asked for directions
Would they help me go home?
Will you write up a map
Or do you not have the time?
Should such limit be true
Then wandering is fine.

I'd just like a moment
To ask just a question
I'd like just one moment
To spill a confession
I'd like a few hours
But if that's more than can be
Than just one more moment
Is forever to me.

1 comment:

The Listener said...

that is really goo. it has a good point. not many people will evan bother to spare a few minutes of their time, evan if it can do a big help.